K-Pop star's photoshoot with supermodel draws strong reactions

14 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

The recent set of promotional fashion photos of DTUOMO brand featuring K-pop artist, Oh Byung Jin and Supermodel, Lee Woo Hee drew explosive reactions for its concept, with detractors saying it is over the top.

Critics feel that with Oh Byung Jin being a respected individiual now -- he is a professor teaching fashion modelling at an art college, a book writer and the CEO of successful online fashion shop -- helming a concept like that is bad for his image, reported K-pop Insider.

Meanwhile, Lee Woo Hee, the model alongside Byung Jin in the advertisement, was a participant of 2009 Supermodel competition and is now a well-established model in Asia region.

Lee is planning to make an appearance on an upcoming TV show, "SBS Fashion King Korea".

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