This K-pop star's ex-GF called him a begger and dumped him

24 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Defconn shared a sad love story from his past on the latest broadcast of KBS' 'Happy Together.'

According to AllKpop, during the episode, MC Park Myung Soo asked Defconn, "Didn't you break up with your girlfriend before achieving your current level of fame?"

Defconn replied, "I was called a beggar and she dumped me when my career wasn't going good in the past. My girlfriend had a job. She always paid for all of our dates. One day at a park, she told me she couldn't support me anymore."

Defconn also shared that he's not basking in the glory of his fame and doesn't go out much because he's afraid of getting pulled into or doing something he will regret.

Defconn, k-pop
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