K-pop star plasters his face all over new car

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Noh Hong Chul‘˜s new car has been revealed.Just like his rambunctious and unique self, Noh Hong Chul has made sure there is no way you can mistake his car for anything other than his own, reported OneKpop.How? Well just take a look at the pictures. He’s plastered his face all over his van literally all over it. There isn’t a spot on his car that doesn’t have his face on it! Along with his photos, he’s also had the words “Super Positive Hongchul‘ put on the door, further making sure that you won’t ever miss him if you happen to be pass by.The photo of his new car was actually tweeted by the celebrity photographer Oh Joong Suk, who shared three photos and wrote, “New Hong car. Wow!!!“, bringing laughs from all who saw.

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