K-pop star Lee Hyori tells tourists to back off from her Jeju Island home

18 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Hit K-pop star Lee Hyo-ri politely requested tourists to Jejudo Island to stop visiting her home, reports AsiaOne via The Korea Herald.

"Dear Jejudo tourists, I'm sorry, but my home is not part of a tourist course," Lee wrote Monday on Facebook.

The singer also said, "I'm really stressed with my doorbell and alarm going off dozens of times from morning to evening. You might be curious about a lot of things, but please be more understanding."

Lee also said that since her home is surrounded by trees outside her front door, it is impossible to even see her house from the gate.

"You might have taken the trouble to visit, but it's possible you came completely in vain. I will upload photos, so don't be sad," said Lee.

Lee has been blogging about her daily life on Jejudo Island with her husband Lee Sang-soon. She recently deleted all posts on her personal blog and her Twitter account, sparking questions about her whereabouts, though she continues to be active on Facebook.

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