K-pop star HyunA denies rumours of plastic surgery after her old photos spark heated debate

18 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

At age 22, she has made quite a name for herself as a k-pop sensationalist. Kim Hyuna rose to stardom when she debuted in a Korean girl band, Wonder Girls in 2007 and later joined another girl band, 4Minute, in 2009.

Along the years, Hyuna has also released a number of solo songs that received stupefying responses. Accompanying her soaring fame is a cloud of rumors surrounding the possibility of Hyuna getting plastic surgery procedures done.

However, Hyuna has vehemently denied that she has gotten any procedures done and that she was all natural. In one of the MBC’s appearance ‘Bouquet’, Hyuna proudly mentioned that “ We 4Minute is known for not doing plastic surgery." 

Plasty Talk reports that she said "All 5 members, we have not done any plastic surgery.”

While many bash her online, claiming that they have Hyuna’s plastic surgery pictorial evidences, her avid fans are quick to jump in her defense, claiming that it is merely weight loss and make-up that are instrumental to her ravishing looks.

But just how true are these claims? Did Kim Hyuna get plastic surgery procedures done or was it just the shedding of some baby fats that made her this irresistible?

They say pictures paint a thousand words, so let’s put on our detective caps and analyze some pictures in hopes to clear the air.

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