K-pop Star Hunt 3 finalist's controversial video: What S'poreans have to say

23 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Miss Stephanie Koh became an overnight online sensation with her Why I Am Not Proud To Be Singaporean video.

The video garnered about 813,000 views, 23,900 likes and 8,000 comments as of 9pm on Monday (Jan 20).

According to a New Paper report, here are what some Singaporeans hae to say about the video


Founder of social media consultancy Goodstuph blankanvas.bypatlaw.com/lead-story/dear-singapore/2012/12/16

Miss Law wrote her blog post Dear Singapore in 2012, explaining why she would stay put in the country even though there are many reasons to hate it.

She discusses how real patriotism is about being responsible and having a duty to serve the country with action, rather than simply complaining or whining online.

Her blog entry was shared on Facebook again last week after Miss Koh's video went viral.

Miss Law said: "The blog saw a spike in readership last week, attracting over 2,000 views. Honestly, I am not sure why, but I think I spoke about what some people could relate to."

On Miss Koh, Miss Law said: "She is not going to change my opinion about my country and I can't imagine how she is influential enough to change Singapore."

MR MARK KON, 18 Student


Mr Kon wrote a note on his Facebook page and sent the same note to online site The Real Singapore in response to Miss Koh's video.

The post has received over 4000 likes on Facebook so far.

He told TNP: "Honestly, I was quite put off by her video when I first saw it. "She came across as someone who is very spoilt. I wanted to speak up because I felt like there is injustice to the many Singaporeans who did so much for the country and didn't complain."

Mr Kon added: "My post offers an alternative opinion as I feel that Stephanie is looking at things from a one-sided point of view.

33 Blogger


After watching Miss Koh's video, Mr Chiang got one of his writers to write a post responding to it.

The entry, which rebuts Miss Koh by listing down examples of successful Singaporeans who made it big, has more than 50,000 views so far.

Speaking to The New Paper, Mr Chiang said: "I was in the creative industry and I feel that her points are not justified and her rants are uncalled for.

"It feels like she said these things in a fit of anger."

He added: "The other point of view needs to surface. There's too much negativity in social media, and we need to hear from people who are positive as well."

21 Undergraduate


Mr Soh's post titled Why I Am Proud To Be Singaporean has garnered over 24,000 views since he published it on his website last Thursday.

In a lengthy blog entry, he counters Miss Koh's reasons why she is not proud to be Singaporean in a logical manner.

He said: "My main concern after watching her video was the responses to her video.

"People were responding to her in an emotional way and they were siding with her without even knowing why they were doing it."

Mr Soh added: "I felt like I could contribute a more reasonable perspective by replying with my brains and not my heart."

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