K-pop star confronted girl who stole friend's boyfriend

18 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Crayon Pop‘˜s Way revealed that she was involved in a rumble in her younger days.Allkpop reported that on the Mar 16 airing of ‘˜Quiz to Change the World‘˜, Way showed a tough girl image rather than a fragile image by sharing a story from her school days. She said, “A girl from another school stole my friend’s boyfriend. For my friend, I decided to call that student out and brought 100 of my friends with me. She lost to me.‘On another note, this airing of ‘˜Quiz to Change the World’ was a ‘˜forever baby faced’ special with guest celebrities like Crayon Pop, Kim Young Ran, Ki Joo Bong, and Wang Young Eun.

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