K-pop star Bobby Kim being charged for sexually harassing flight attendant

23 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Singer Bobby Kim who was involved in a scandal weeks back is now being formally charged for his raucous behavior while on board a plane going to US.

He came back to South Korea earlier this week so an investigation was carried out and he fully cooperated with it, as he promised upon landing in Incheon International Airport.

Aside from causing a commotion, he was also indicted for sexually harassing a flight attendant. On February 17th, the Incheon International Airport Police divulged that they had booked singer Bobby Kim for his aviation security violations and offensive assault.

This scandal was first reported on January 7 after he boarded a plane bound to San Francisco, USA. He was drunk when he got in the Korean Air airplane, and out of drunkenness started shouting, causing a commotion.

And his drunken fit didn't stop there as he proceeded to wrap his arms around the waist of one of the flight attendants, reports KpopStarz.

During the investigation at the police's office which lasted from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, Bobby Kim partially admitted his wrongs and was quoted as saying, "Although I was able to make a complaint about being issued the wrong ticket, there's nothing that they could do so I had to seat in the economy class. I had 6 glasses of wine to fall asleep. When I got drunk, I made a fuss and there was some physical contact while I tried to get the flight attendant's phone number."

But then again, despite telling part of the story, he told the investigators that he can't remember other details since he was so drunk. For now, Bobby Kim will next be summoned to the prosecutors' office but he will not be detained.

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