K-pop legend Seo Taiji to stage comeback in October

10 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Cultural icon and K-pop legend Seo Taiji is set to make a grand return to the music scene this October with a concert in Seoul, reported Korea Herald

According to a Korean daily, Korea Herald said Seo has contact entertainment company, Wellmade Yedang, to discuss arrangements for a nationwide concert tour. 

The report said the youthful-looking Seo is looking to hold a large-scale concert in Seoul on Oct 18 and is currently mulling over the place to stage the "perfect" concert. 

The concert looks set to coincide with the launch of his ninth album which is rumoured to be released around Mid-October. 

After the proposed concert in Seoul, the 42-year-old is said to be performing in major cities in South Korea. 

He debuted in 1992 as a member of K-pop boy band Seo Taiji and Boys, said Korea Herald and Seo took the lead in shaping K-pop culture in the 1990s, gaining recognition as the most influential cultural icon in South Korea. 

Since the megahit group was disbanded in 1998, Seo has pursued solo activities as a rock musician.

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