K-pop girl group Miss A are not as independent as they seem

18 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Main photo: TNPK-pop girl group Miss A, made up of two South Koreans and two Chinese, are known for their strong and sassy onstage image, but they may not be as independent as they seem.They revealed this in an interview yesterday )Feb 17) at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, ahead of their concert tonight. Since their debut in 2010, Miss A have established themselves as sassy lasses, even naming their latest EP Independent Women Part III.Meng Jia, or Jia, 24, from China's Hunan province, told The New Paper she depends on others the most when she falls ill.Speaking through an interpreter, South Korean Bae Suzy (Suzy), 18, added: "I'm not good at cooking, doing housework and taking care of children."South Korean Lee Min Young, or Min, 21, who speaks fluent English, said that it is boredom that she can't stand. That's when she depends on others to keep her company.Wang Fei Fei, or Fei, 25, who is from China's Hainan island, gave the most down-to-earth reply. "When I'm cooking, sometimes, I can't open the lids of bottles, and I need to ask for help," she said with a laugh.Jia added: "Sometimes she can't open canned drinks too, and will ask me for help."

Miss A
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