K-pop girl band member had to lose 7kg to join

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

RiSe of Ladies' Code revealed she lost 7kg for her debut to join the band.She opened up about her excitement to be returning to the public after her last appearance on MBC‘˜s ‘˜Birth of A Great Star‘˜ two years ago, reported Allkpop.RiSe recently participated in an interview with OSEN and shared, “My heart was filled with determination and I was prepared for this. I worked really hard, I improved a lot, and I worked on my pronunciation a lot as well. I was happy to see Noh Hi Joon make his debut last year, but I also wanted to prepare quickly and make my own debut. I have not been able to go back home in Japan for the past six months. But when I told my family, ‘˜I am finally making my debut’, they were so happy for me. During ‘˜Birth of A Great Star’, I felt uncomfortable and pressured by people recognizing me, so I became determined and trained for two years.‘Rise also revealed that she lost 7 kg (~15 lbs.) for her debut stating, “I am currently 46 kg (~101 lbs.). I worked out a lot and controlled my diet.‘RiSe was previously a part of Key East Entertainment and then moved to Polaris Entertainment where she joined her current group and finally made her debut as a member of Ladies’ Code.View more photos of Kwon Ri Se and the other girls of Ladies' Code in the gallery below (pics 1-54) as well as other celebs who lost weight to transform their appearances.

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