K-pop band member leaves group over scandal involving transgender woman

24 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

MR.MR's Hon will be leaving the group, following a scandal involving a transgender woman.

On Feb 24, Hon wrote, "I'm sorry because I think I worried and disappointed a lot of people.Woman A, who wrote the controversial post, and I were friends since a long time ago. But I wanted to say for certain that things in the post such as that I worked at a host bar, had financial troubles, had a video, and dated A is not true."

Several days ago, a transgender woman identified only as A had claimed that she had been mistreated by a male idol who had joined an existing group in November. She had also claimed that they had lived together and engaged in sexual relations, of which she had a video recording. In response, Mr.Mr's agency Winning Insight came forward to claim that new member Hon had only been friends with A and had not taken advantage of her. She later apologized and said the post was not true.

He added, "After A wrote the post drunk, she checked it again a few hours later and said that she thought she made a mistake. Since she wrote it in a personal space, I didn't think there would be any problems. I told her not to think about it, and hung up. I don't want to sue an old friend. If the post was true, I'd be embarrassed, but I didn't live my life like that. But it's true that MR.MR's image was hurt by this. So I decided to leave MR.MR."

His label also reported, "Our label and the MR.MR members have decided to follow Hon's decision. We will not stop our support and encouragement so Hon can start anew. We're sincerely sorry for worrying our fans, and please support Hon and MR.MR members after this difficult decision."

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