Justin Cheung has to gain 27kg by eating 6 eggs a day

8 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

With the film DUE WEST OUR SEX JOURNEY (YUT LO HEUNG SAI), Justin Cheung Kin Sing left an impression with the audience as a straight laced Hong Kong guy.

To challenge himself, he will work on the Stephen Shiu Jr. produced black comedy THE PRISON DIARY OF A GOLDEN TOFF (GO DUNG FUT SIU MAU GAM YUT GEI, tentative title).

The film will be a youth comedy version of PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON). Cheung Kin Sing will play the villain "Prison Fat Bully" and have to go from his current 140 pounds to 200 pounds.

The film will start production in February. In other words Cheung Kin Sing has to gain 60 pounds in two months, rpeorts On.cc.

However because Cheung Kin Sing has many Christmas gigs, he is gaining weight "lightly" with six eggs a day, 3 glasses of high fat milk and chicken and roast pork rice for breakfast.

He said, "At first I really wasn't used to it as I was stuffed. Sometimes I really wanted to vomit.

(What about the script attracted you to gain weight for the film?)

The character is very special, a bad guy who does some very dumb and very crazy things.

(Turning from handsome to fat, it's quite a sacrifice!)

Although I am a little vain, I really want to play every role well. So I gave my all to perform."

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