Justin Bieber tries to win Selena Gomez back with unusual but cute gift

21 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Justin Bieber is reportedly trying to win Selena Gomez back, according to Music-News.

The two started dating in 2010, but have gone through several break-ups and make-ups. Now, the 20-year-old pop star is said to be trying to win Selena back for good.

The pop star who has recently come under fire for a series of misdemeanours including drink driving, resisting arrest and vandalism is said to have realised the error of his ways, and is now looking to make amends.

According to ST Communities, the singer shunned flashy gifts like jewellery and clothes. Instead, he bought a £6,000 (S$12,800) Segway to show Selena "that they could enjoy the simpler things together", a source close to Justin has reportedly said.

'He thought a Segway would be a chance to prove they can have good, clean fun together, and she thought that was a really sweet touch," the source added.

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