Justin Bieber sets off six speed cameras with his Lamborghini

7 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Justin Bieber allegedly set off six speed cameras in Dubai while travelling in his Lamborghini supercar from his £12,000-a-night hotel suite to his gig at the city's The Sevens Stadium on Sunday night (05.05.13).The 19-year-old singer allegedly caused six cameras on the Sheikh Zayed Road in the United Arab Emirates city to flash on Sunday night (05.05.13) when he zoomed down the busy street in his Lamborghini supercar on the way to his gig at the city's The Sevens Stadium.Witness Nikki Jameson told The Sun newspaper: "He was travelling along the Sheikh Zayed Road where there are at least six speed cameras. Every single one flashed off as he went past."He had a close shave with a bus and stood out like a sore thumb. A 19 year old in a white Lamborghini is hardly discreet."Hours after the incident, Justin - who is staying at the £12,000-a-night Royal Suite at the luxury Burj Al Arab Hotel - was attacked by a male fan during his gig.The man jumped on stage and grabbed the 'Beauty and a Beat' hitmaker from behind while he was playing the piano during a rendition of 'Believe'.Justin managed to get free from the guy's grasp and his security guards grabbed the intruder, who had managed to push the popstar's piano off its hinges, making it unplayable for the remainder of the concert.The, teen heartthrob - who also played at the venue on Saturday night (04.05.13) - left the stage and had a three-minute break before returning to end the gig with his hits 'Boyfriend' and 'Baby'.

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