Justin Bieber's in a new relationship: But here's why he won't admit to it

30 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Justin and Hailey sure aren't shy of publicly displaying their affection for each other, so why is that they cannot admit that they are in a relationship?

The "Baby" singer and his rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin have been inseparable lately, reports China Topix

Not only do they flaunt their relationship but they also PDA every opportunity they get. Although the pair has yet to make a comment about the rumors, HollywoodLife.com has reported about the real reason why they're keeping their relationship status a secret.

A source revealed, "It's for obvious reasons why they are denying it. Hailey doesn't want to fall in the same trap Selena [Gomez] did and be known just as 'Justin's Girlfriend', and Justin wants to make it look like he is still attainable."

The source continued, "Being considered single is a moneymaker for Justin and he is definitely looking to improve his image and appearing single is a part of that image re-haul."

At least keeping their relationship in the down low is a win-win for the both of them. While we all love Selena, it's understandable why Hailey does not want to be involved in the same drama that Selena was in with Justin.

As for the singer, he may have earned the title, "ladies man", but with fresh new tracks coming up, we can imagine that he would want to stay single, so he can revamp his image and sell more songs.

It may be hard to keep a new relationship a secret but we're glad that in the midst of that, they still find a way to find some fun things to do together.

Justin reportedly wants to keep things fresh with Stephen Baldwin's daughter and that's the reason why he dyed his hair blonde.

However, a source added, "Hailey loved his look in the Calvin Klein ads and wanted him to change his look back. She said he looked sloppy in blonde and he should return to a sexier look. He obviously listened as he wanted to please her requests." 

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