Just like normal people: Here's what Angelababy and BF were spotted doing

5 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Angelababy's romance with her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming is certainly a high-profile one, but what they were spotted doing together is a reminder that they're probably like any normal couple.

Photos uploaded by netizens show them grabbing a quick meal together at a cafe, looking unexpectedly low-profile, as seen in a post on Asian E-News Portal.

They both looked to be engrossed in their phones during the meal.

Although no official announcement of their marriage is made yet, rumours of them getting married in May has been spreading around.

Some netizens also uploaded photos of Angelababy and Xiaoming at a San Francisco airport and suggested that they were celebrating an early honeymoon.

See the photos in the gallery below.

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