Jun Ji-hyun's weight gain makes her the talk of the town

18 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

South Korean actress Gianna Jun Ji-hyun's weight issues became the talk of the town following her recent appearance in a commercial for a cafe.According to an article in Asian Fanatics, she looked visibly rounder. Some sharp-tongued netizens mocked the My Sassy Girl star for putting on so much weight that her double eyelids looked as if they had dissapeared.In the close-up shots, Gianna, who used to have an enviable V-shaped face, was seen with a double chin and a round face. Her arms also appeared to be thicker as compared to her pre-marriage days.Dressed in a beige dress, the 31-year-old actress danced excitedly in the commercial, exuding her youthful charm of yesteryear. Gianna tied the knot with her banker boyfriend Choi Jun-hyuk at Shilla Hotel in Seoul last April. Her blissful marriage life is believed to be the reason for her weight gain. Photos 1 to 3 of the gallery show her during the commercial for a cafe that sparked the weight gain comments, while photos 4 to 16 of the gallery shows her slimmer self.The rest of the gallery, however, shows K-pop stars' shocking weight loss.

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