Julien Kang's drunken and half-naked stroll in public: Drug tests negative

2 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

Model and actor Julien Kang was not high on drugs when he was caught walking around half-naked in public, the National Forensic Service confirmed on Wednesday.

According to The Korea Herald, the local police said the Korean-French actor's drug test results were negative, citing the state forensic agency.

Kang was suspected of illegal drug abuse after being arrested on a busy street in Gangnam, southern Seoul, on Sept. 25 while wearing only his briefs. He was taken to the local police for an investigation after a frightened bypasser reported that a naked man was walking around in public.

The police said they had not smelled alcohol on Kang's breath at the moment of his arrest, and thus suspected him of drug abuse. As the police did not detect signs of drug abuse, they transferred the case to the NFS for additional analysis. The NFS' test results also pointed to the actor's innocence.

"As the recent drug test by the NFS also turned out negative, (Kang) was cleared of all charges," Kang's agency Show Brothers Entertainment told reporters.

The star label also contested the previous reports from the media and police, claiming the star "did not wander around in undergarments and he was accompanied by his manager the whole time."

The video footage of Kang being arrested on the street went viral online, leaving critics curious about the true reason for his "naked stroll down the Gangnam streets."

Kang has also officially apologised for the drunken incident, reports Dkpopnews.

He released his statement through his agency Show Brothers Entertainment on October 1st,"I am ashamed for having caused a controversy with my disgraceful act and exposure on the 18th. I apologize to everyone and I will be careful to not make the same mistake again in the future".

A rep from Show Brothers Entertainment said,"Julien Kang suffered a lot throughout this incident. He was having a hard time due to some of the falses reports but his health is in a good condition. Julien Kang is a good-natured and hard-working person. He's in deep reflection about his drinking attitude more than he can handle. We hope that he won't be hurt anymore from all the groundless speculations".

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