Julian Cheung reveals anti-ageing secrets

2 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Julian Cheung has not only received praise for his acting skills, but also for his eternally youthful appearance.

Since his debut in 1990, Julian has evolved from a baby-faced singer to a popular television and film actor. His handsome, boyish face captured the hearts of many young girls, and he continues to do so more than 20 years later.

Some have accused the 41-year-old for having a 'plastic face', but he said that his good genes and healthy lifestyle have contributed to his youthful look. “I actually inherited my looks from my family. Everyone in my family looks very young. My father is over 70 years old but still looks like someone in his 50s. You really can’t tell his real age.”

Julian also revealed that exercises for 2 hours each day to maintain his healthy skin.

Julian  also said that cutting back on smoking and partying drastically improved his looks.

“At first I decided to stop smoking because of my son. Even though I smoked for many years, I easily made the decision to quit. I also stayed out late all the time, and slept through the morning. Now I wake up at 10am every day regardless of how late I went to bed the night before."

Read the full report in: East Week #518 via ihktv.com

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