Julia Roberts calls George Clooney 'a treasure'

13 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Julia Roberts says George Clooney is "a treasure".

The stars appeared together in 'Ocean's Eleven' and its subsequent sequel, and while she was pregnant during the second film he looked after her and made sure she was comfortable.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: "He is such a treasure.

"When we did the second 'Ocean's' movie I was pregnant and they really mollycoddled me. You would have thought I was made of porcelain.

"I couldn't walk up the steps at George's house without, 'No, you'll be on the first floor in this little bedroom here, don't take the stairs'. It was so sweet."

She also suggested the 'Gravity' actor would make a "great dad" - which she tells him a lot - but she insisted he shows his love for his friends in a number of ways.

She explained: "I talk to him about that sometimes. He would be a great dad but yo know what, he takes care of a lot of people in a lot of ways."

The star has insisted on a number of occasions he has no intention of becoming a father or raising his own family.

He previously said: "What do you do? Should I go, 'I got to get me some kids right now!' Then rush out and impregnate someone?

"Look, what I do know is that I was raised in a loving, happy family. I don't have any dislike or distrust of that."

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