Juicy details about '12 Golden Ducks' leaked online -- including all its 'secret' actors

8 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Isabella Leong announced her return to the film industry in 2013 after accepting a role in director Sylvia Chang‘s 'Calling All Angels'.

Although selective in her work projects, Isabella agreed to make a cameo appearance in Sandra Ng’s Lunar New Year comedy '12 Golden Ducks', reported JayneStars.

Sandra, who stars and produces 12 Golden Ducks, tried to keep the cast list a surprise.

However, it was leaked that Isabella Leong, Louis Koo, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, Joey Yung, Wilfred Lau, Babyjohn, Pakho Chau, and Wyman Wong will be making cameo appearances in the raunchy movie.

Louis is also on board as co-producer.

12 Golden Ducks is a sex comedy about a group of male prostitutes struggling to live in Hong Kong’s poor economy.

Sandra, who will be portraying a gigolo, wore prosthetic makeup to enhance her male looks.

12 Golden Ducks will be competing with other blockbusters 'Triumph in the Skies' and 'From Vegas to Macau 2' for the 2015 Lunar New Year box office.

Due to its explicit topic, the film will not play in Mainland Chinese theaters.

Isabella Portrays Sex-Services Client

In late December, the reporters spotted Isabella filming for 12 Golden Ducks at a fitness center in Kwun Tong.

Dressed as an office worker, it was reported that Isabella will be portraying one of the male prostitute’s clients.

Isabella’s manager Michelle Loo, who is good friends with Sandra, persuaded Isabella to accept the cameo role in 12 Golden Ducks.

To thank Isabella for her help, Sandra paid Isabella’s traveling and hotel fees to Hong Kong. Michelle will also be making a cameo appearance in the film.

Take a look at the gallery below for more pictures of Sanda Ng's unique role.

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