Joyce Tang sneaks kisses behind BF's back

17 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Joyce Tang is getting married soon, and she expressed she hopes to go on her honeymoon as soon as possible. 

Asked if she wouldl reduce her kiss scenes after her marriage? She said: "I'll tell my husband to go out and eat when the kiss scenes are airing. I don't want him to see it, but he has so many undercovers. Usually when something happens, his friends notify him immediately!"

Yesterday Joyce and Angela Tong attended the costume fitting of TVB's Lunar New Year series Meet the Daughter-In-Laws. 

In the series, Joyce and Angela compete as classmates until they both marry into the wealthy, but in reality the two are good friends.

"We actually are classmates of the same year in the Artistes Training Class! I told the producer if there is a need for old pictures, he can use our actual pictures from the Artistes Training Class." 

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