Joyce Chen pays tearful tribute to Lydia Shum

3 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

With the 5th anniversary of Fei Jeh Lydia Shum Din Ha's passing, friends chose to perform ALWAYS LOVE LYDIA concert on Fei Jeh's 68th birthday on June 1. Joyce Cheng Yun Yi performed for 20 minutes as a birthday gift for her late mother, reports Mingpao.Yun Yi appeared in mid air on top of Fei Jeh's trademark giant glasses and sang 5 songs. She even reprised her "meaty" childhood performance of OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN to avenge herself. In order to fulfill Fei Jeh's wish, Yun Yi picked up her only lesson of piano from age 6 and performance EMBRACE LOVE (YUNG PO OI). She also performed the new song that she wrote for her late mother LAUGHTER POWER (SIU NUNG LEUNG) and finally she performed a duet MAMA IS WELL (MAMA HO) with Fei Jeh. Yun Yi held back her tears on multiple occasions. "The road of life is very long. Although Mommy couldn't keep going with me, but all I had to do is look back and I would see her cheering for me! "Thank you Mommy for always loving me and protecting me, giving all your love to me. You were afraid that I would be lonely, and would secretly cry because I would miss you. Please relax! Although sometimes I would cry, I am not lonely because you are always in my heart. I Love you!" Yun Yi thanked her elders who returned from Canada, her OFF PEDDER (BUT DA JI, GEI YUN) colleagues, TVB executive Tsang Lai Chung, Chan Suk Fun and her son. She only did not mention her father Adam Cheng Siu Chau. At the end, Yun Yi and the stars performed TRULY LOVE YOU (JUNG DIK OI NEI) and finally she broke off. Even Eric Tsang Chi Wai was teary eyed. Performing artists shared their experience with Fei Jeh. Liza Wang Ming Chuen remembered that several decades ago she grew up with Fei Jeh. Although their personalities and interests were different, she always thought of her as a big sister. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau said, "Fei Jeh back then praised me for singing pretty well, and said that I definitely will be famous. Luckily she was right!" After the show, Yun Yi admitted that she had a very hard time with holding back her tears. She forced herself to complete her solo performance before crying, but she denied that she would not be able to finish. "Mommy should accept that, I hope she enjoyed the show and that she would relax. I am a big girl and will take care of myself." Two nights ago at 2:30AM, Yun Yi posted several concert photos and a message, "Ma, did you see it?" Chi Wai revealed that many friends shed tears back stage because they missed Fei Jeh so much. Speaking of performing Fei Jeh's egg walk again, Chi Wai said, "Breaking the eggs wasn't a, problem because all I wanted to do was to relive Fei Jeh's experience. The concert proceed will be donated to Caring For Children Foundation. I don't know how much the donation will be, the figure isn't important. The most important is to complete the performance and remember Fei Jeh." He stated that he would supervise the use of the donation with Wang Ming Chuen, Cheung Hok Yau and Caring for Children Foundation board member Ho Lai Chuen.

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