Jolin Tsai has had enough of acting cute in front of everyone

4 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Jolin Tsai wishes to ditch the 'cute' label that has been slapped onto her since she broke out onto the entertainment scene.

At the launch of her Myself World Tour DVD, where she broke down in tears after watching a recap of her past performances, Tsai said she wants to cut down on acting cute, reported Asianpopnews.

She said: "I do not wish to act cute anymore. Age is not a problem. Cute has to come from within. I am quite cute in private!"

When asked who will get to enjoy that cuteness, Jolin took it in good spirits and replide cheekily: "I think I am quite cute in front of Woo Hoo (her dog)."

As to whether her boyfriend will get a taste of her private cuteness, she paused for a while before replying: "I think so."

She then turned down requests to demonstrate that cuteness, saying sheepishly: "it's quite disgusting to act out".

Jolin also touched on her thoughts on marriage in light of Wu Chun's revelation that he had married secretly, saying that while she had envisioned a marriage life when she was young, her mentality has since changed.

"Everyone has their arrangement in life. I do not think that I am unhappy now," she explained.

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