Jolin Tsai dismisses Wilbur Pan's love confession for her

20 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Jolin Tsai held a press conference a few days ago for her upcoming “Myself‘ concert tour which launches on July 14th in Shanghai. When she talked about her good friend Stefanie Sun getting pregnant, she expressed, “We were young girls when we met. I just can’t imagine how I will be like when I become a mom.‘ She told the media that she had already congratulated Stefanie via a text message. Jolin, who’s 31 right now, sighed, “I hope I won’t be an older mother," reported CPop Access. Jolin is planning to release a new album in August. When asked if she would invite her boyfriend Vivian Dawson to be in her MV again, she answered, “We’ll see if it’s necessary.‘ As for the status of their relationship, she said, “We have no plans to get married yet.‘ In regards to Will Pan’s recent love confession for her, she laughed, “He’s popular with girls.‘ As for whether or not there are any possibilities between them, she said, “We know each other too well, we’re like siblings,‘ and emphasized that this won’t affect their friendship.

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