Johnson Lee 'surprised' to find out that his relationship has ended

6 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Johnson Lee and Beautiful Cooking’s Taste Angel “Eggroll” Bobo Wong had been a rumored couple for years; today their relationship is “half-public” in the entertainment circle.
The paparazzi frequently spots Johnson out on dates with different girls, which got Bobo upset, but Johnson usually had his own way to please her again. Unfortunately, Johnson ultimately goes back to his old habits and Bobo couldn’t tolerate it any longer. Yesterday she one-sidedly announced their break up, dumping this flirty boyfriend.
Yesterday Bobo attended a modeling competition and was asked about her recent lessen exposure rate due to concentrating too much on dating?
She said: “I’m not dating anyone. I’m concentrated on work. (Broke up?) No comment, not commenting! (Have you seen Johnson recently?) We had dinner before. (Turned back to being friends?) We are still really good friends!”
Asked again what was the reason to the break up? Bobo’s Chinese isn’t too good, the reporter had to explain when two people get to know each other more, they discover where the problem actually is. She said: “Each relationship has its own issues, but I am not commenting on my relationship with him. I don’t want to talk about it. (Because Johnson had too many rumors?) He had always had many!”
Reporters asked several times again whether they’re still a couple? Bobo described them as “very good friends”. Asked if she’s one-sidedly announcing their split? She said: “We have never talked about our relationship. (Has Johnson told anyone about the break up?) Whatever he does, he can decide himself.” Bobo emphasized three more times that she’s currently single and isn’t dating anyone.
Meanwhile, Johnson was at a magic show event and when speaking of Bobo mentioning she is single and isn’t dating anyone, implying their break up, he was surprised. He asked reporters with a shocked expression: “That’s what she said? (Broke up with Bobo?) I never answer these questions, rarely in public. I don’t like to use my relationships for free publicity.”
Asked if he’s currently single? Johnson helplessly said: “What do you want me to say? I never talk about these things. (What is your relationship with Bobo now?) Very special. We have an extremely good relationship. She will forever be my closest friend, its very good and it had never changed. If I said we don’t know each other well, then I’m lying. I’ll be a bad man. My relationship with her didn’t change.”
It looks like Johnson still has not accepted the fact that they have already broken up. Aside from Johnson unwilling to admit it, he even praised Bobo, giving her a score of 200.
Why did they break up? Johnson said: “I’m not talking about my relationship. (Because you have too many girls?) There are so many girls here! (*points around*) 
(Bobo told you she was going to announce the break up today before the fact?) She can say anything she wants at any time. I will respect whatever she says. People have their freedom. I want to compliment her, she had been great after all these years.
(It was rumored you ‘take care’ of her?) Just a rumor, she had always been hard working, very clever girl and accepts jobs on her own. She is a practical and mature girl. I give her a Like.”
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