John Travolta launches limited edition Breitling in Singapore

11 October 2012 / 4 years 2 weeks ago

Source: The New Paper, Plush; Photos Breitling, ST, Ogilvy PRThe elephant in the room.Or planes and watches and movies and family.Ultimately it was the latter, at the press conference that Breitling the watchmaker held for aviator-actor John Travolta, its brand ambassador.Ever the real pro, moderator Darryl David announced to the media the four areas he will be happy to answer questions on.Well, it is a long drop to be turfed out from, the 69th level of the Swissotel's Equinox, if a trigger-itchy journo had asked the nasty. (All just allegations anyway.)Travolta is one of the genuinely nice guys around in Hollywood. (I've met him three other times before, for Pulp Fiction, Primary Colours, Qantas.)He had flown himself, wife Kelly Preston, daughter Ella and son Benjamin, from his backyard in Florida to Singapore on Sunday to launch Breitling's latest model, the Navitimer Blue Sky.It is a limited edition of 500 pieces and Singapore has been allotted nine (one choped already). At $13,300, a steal, really.The 58-year-old does hold down two jobs - acting and flying.The planes thing is not an expensive toys hobby.I have 11 jet licences. That's a lifetime achievement. I balance two careers, he said in that soft, dulcet tone you'd identify with a screen mafioso.The acting's produced a single Golden Globe, but the flying's earned him 11 licences to fly jets. No wonder home's an estate in Greystone Airport, Florida.PassionLooking remarkably fit (the hair looks skulled on), he first responded to media sitting down, then leaning forward, then standing up.He has such a passion and obsession for aviation and Breitling, and knew there were people present keen on the technicalities of planes and watches, and he was eager to share the info.You got the sense he wasn't on automatic for an endorsed product, as most other stars are.It has been a childhood dream fulfilled, fantasising over flying one's own planes. From when he used to watch them overhead from the house he grew up in.The New Paper wanted to know if it came down to two roles - pilot or disco dancer, which broke the ice at the press con. "I'd be a pilot because I've already done the disco dancing.Just so you know, he's clocked 6,000 hours (flying, not dancing) thus far, and is qualified to fly the 747.He can literally walk from his living room to his 707 or Bbombardier. (He owns five aircraft.) Like I did to come here.This is his second visit here. The first was several years ago when the media was invited to meet him on the tarmac at Changi and then walk through his jet.I love your city, and I've brought my family this time. So tomorrow we are going to do some sightseeing. (In a limousine.)Any chance of shooting a film here then? "I've done Savages for Oliver Stone, and Killing Season with Robert De Niro, and next is a remake of The Killer for John Woo."I hope we can talk John into doing some of the shooting in Asia, that would be great.What about a superhero movie? Asked what kind of superhero he would play, he said, "Definitely a guy who can fly. Of course."Time for just one last question and the girl in the furry skirt (from a daily paper) almost silenced the room with wanting to know how he and the family were, and how they were coping with the allegations.Without skipping a tick of his Breitling, Travolta said, My family's fine, and we're travelling for business and pleasure and it was goodbye.Later at the cocktail reception in Pangaea, I managed to squeeze in a question about his family.His face lit up when I mentioned his children.So how's Benjamin? He said Oh, he's wonderful.I asked if Ella was going to do another movie, to which he replied, "Oh yes, I'm trying to get her to do a film called The Optimist. But she's not sure and I don't want to force her."And all the women forced themselves on him to get their shot with him on their smartphones, and he obliged everybody until the lift door closed.Great guy.Breitling's Navitimer Blue SkyJohn Travolta, Hollywood celebrity and Breitling Global Ambassador, has launched Breitling's limited edition Navitimer Blue Sky here in Singapore on July 30, 2012.Limited to just 500 pieces globally, there are only nine pieces of the Navitimer Blue Sky available in Singapore, each retailing for $13,270 on the exclusive dark blue crocodile leather strap or $14,280 on either the Navitimer bracelet or the original perforated Air Racer bracelet.The Navitimer Blue Sky was commissioned specially by Breitling to celebrate the 60th anniversary of aviation's iconic timepiece, the Navitimer.The Breitling Navitimer is the iconic watch of the aviation industry and a cult object for pilots and aviation enthusiasts such as John Travolta.First launched in 1952, the Navitimer has been continuously manufactured for almost 60 years, making it the world's oldest mechanical chronograph still in production.The Navitimer Blue Sky has been specially launched by Breitling to commemorate this special occasion.

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