Joey Yung shocks fans by announcing she's '3 months pregnant' at her concert

25 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Joey Yung dropped a bombshell on her fans on the first night of her 1314 Joey Yung concert by announcing that she is 'three months pregnant with a boy'.

According to a TVB News World article citing an Oriental Daily report, Joey appeared on stage in a light pink dress and a bulging belly as if she was pregnant, before saying: "Singers like to make important announcements at their concerts. Tonight, I have to do the same, I've been holding it in for a very long time!

"Thanks to my concert team for keeping the secret, especially YY (Wyman Wong) who was responsible for my costumes, for helping me cover up.

"I can come out tonight, you all understand!"

The audience were so shocked by Joey's speech that the entire HK Coliseum went silent.

While Joey's announcement triggered speculation of her having a baby out of welock, observers realised that prior to changing into that costume, she was still very slim.

It was then the audience realised they had been fooled.

Joey told the audience as she walked around the stage: "Aiya! He's kicking me!

"Its a boy. Congratulate me!

"Does anyone want to touch (the baby bump)? I'm only announcing as three months have passed!

"I've been eating less recently, but for the show, I must keep enduring. I  hacve no choice!

"I'm very pleased. I've been working hard as a singer for 15 years and now I can do the things I want to do."

A fan then asked Joey if she's pregnant with twins, to which she replied: "Don't be so greedy! Might frighten him! I hope in my lifetime, I can be a complement comedian!"

She went on to add: "Sorry, I was just joking with you all. This part of the concert are songs for the mothers, so I wanted to personally experience the greatness of mothers, and the best way is to be pregnant!"

Following the joke, Joey performed This World Only Has and asked everyone to take more pictures of her because when she's actually pregnant in the future, she won't look as pretty as she was on the night of the concert.

After the show, reporters asked when she's actually going to be pregnant? Joey said: "Not yet, I'll think about it after my 15 shows!"

When quizzed about whether her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau, came down to support her, she said: "He did come. He plans to sit from the highest point and work his way down to watch the show in every angle.

"I'm not sure if he's going to be coming every night, but he wants to support me too." 

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