Joey Yung doesn't mind paying for BF's expenses

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍) relationship has survived the odds despite a rocky beginning. The lovers will soon fly to the United States in May, with Joey reported to pay for Wilfred’s travel expenses.According to an article in Popular Asians, a source close to Joey revealed that sleeping at Wilfred’s apartment has become a regular habit for the 32-year-old pop diva. Although Joey owns $300 million HKD in real estate properties and currently resides in a 3,000 square foot home with sweeping water views, she chose to sleep over at Wilfred’s much smaller apartment.“Joey never minded the gap between Wilfred and herself. She felt that as long as it is true love, then nothing else matters. Many times, Joey can ask Wilfred to sleep over at her own home, as her mom doesn’t mind. But Wilfred feels conscious and it’s not good to stay over at his girlfriend’s house. So Joey would rather sleep at Wilfred’s 500 square feet apartment instead. Sometimes she will sleep over for two to three times in a week,‘ the inside source revealed.In May, Joey will take a dance training class in the United States to prepare for her year-end Hong Kong concert. Although EEG had organized the trip for her, Joey will mix business with pleasure as she plans to bring Wilfred along. Joey will allegedly pay for all of Wilfred’s travel expenses.“Joey treats Wilfred really well. She knows that he doesn’t earn a lot of money and never asked him to buy any expensive gifts. Occasionally, she will ask him to buy some inexpensive items such as iPhone accessories, which are only several hundred dollars [HKD] only. On the other hand, Joey will always give him branded clothing, which are tens of thousands of dollars [HKD] each. When they traveled to Japan and South Korea together, Wilfred flew on Joey’s accrued mileage with the airline. Joey didn’t want her boyfriend to waste money,‘ the source revealed Joey’s considerateness.

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