Joey Yung breaks fans' hearts during Hong Kong concert

5 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

The pop queen of 'steel' Joey Yung is currently holding her 15 show 1314 JOEY YUNG CONCERT at the Hong Kong Coliseum; where she's been singing from 2013 to 2014.

Last night, she held her 11th show, which was probably the most heartbreaking for her fans and friends, reports a Tvbnewsworld article.

Lately, Joey has been suffering from a throat infection and the flu, but she insisted "the show must go on", despite her hoarse voice which seemed to have gotten worse after she started her concert.

Yesterday morning, Joey had acupuncture done to help her get her voice back. Her assistant (Sandy) shared a black and white photo of Joey while she was getting her treatment that looked heartbreaking. 

Many artists and good friends from the industry went to the concert to support Joey including Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), GEM, Leo Ku, Vivian Chow, Edmond Leung, Becky Lee, Mandy Wong and Nicholas Tse.

Joey thanked Nicholas for comforting her and being there for her for three nights: "You came to HK Coliseum three times, I especially want to thank you for your love and your comforting words. You said I sound even better with a hoarse voice. I believe your the only one who can say that."

Beside her good friends who left touching messages about the concert on Weibo, Joey's boyfriend Wilfred Lau has also been 'expressing his love' in the past few days. He said: "You have a hoarse voice, but you're still able to touch the hearts of millions." 

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