Joey Wang leaves Hong Kong hounded by media for losing her looks

26 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Joey Wang recently felt the weight of being a former screen goddess. She was hounded by the media during a recent trip to Hong Kong, and accused of having lost the good looks which had made her famous in the 80s.

After immigrating to Vancouver for years, the 46-year-old retired star recently appeared in Hong Kong and became a target for the media.

She was accused of losing her looks and her past image as a screen goddess, as many online have lamented how time has not been kind to her.

Joey's friend immediately struck back and posted photos of her online in support of Joey and said that a goddess was a goddess.

After a few short days in Hong Kong, Joey last night quickly left Hong Kong to avoid further coverage.

She was afraid that she would be criticized again for "face change", thus she put on glasses and used her iPad to cover her face as she rushed to Customs.

She appeared to be rather nervous; when airport personnel asked to her face to check with her passport, she finally showed her face.

However, she still hide the right side of her side and had no expression.

She seemed impatient with the press coverage. After the process she quickly left Customs and Hong Kong for Vancouver.

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