Joel Chan spotted running errands for sick Florinda Ho in London

26 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

It was reported last week that Joel Chan (陳山聰) had departed to London, England to mend his two-year relationship with Florinda Ho (何超雲).Acording to an article in 88news, the couple has indirectly announced through their Weibos earlier this month that they have broken up, and Florinda implied in her post that their separation was because of money.Joel set off to London on the night of April 12, boarding a Cathay Pacific flight. To avoid the press, he arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by the taking the Turbo Jet from Macau, and directly checked in to his flight through the custom terminals at the pier.The paparazzi noted that Joel, who normally flew first class seating during business flights with Florinda, sat in the premium economy class this time. Rumors indicated that Joel fell into a financial crisis after Florinda cut ties with him, and he had to borrow money from friends to pay his airfare to London.Joel arrived to the London International Airport thirteen hours later. Looking tired and scraggly, he immediately went to the bathroom to clean himself up. Florinda’s driver was already at the airport terminal waiting for him.After meeting up with Florinda, who has been suffering from food poisoning in the last few days, Joel immediately took her to see the doctor., Around 4 PM, Joel was seen running errands for Florinda around the city.He was seen purchasing some take out at the Royal China restaurant, and then hurried over to several pharmacy establishments to grab medication for Florinda.Allegedly, Florinda has already forgiven Joel and they are now back together.A source said, “It was Vincent [mutual friend] who contacted Joel about Florinda’s food poisoning. Vincent also came up with an excuse to go back to Hong Kong so Joel could come to London to take care of her.‘

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