Joel Chan so broke he owes his ex-wife 18 months of alimony

20 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

TVB actor, Joel Chan, is reportedly in financial difficulty and is said to owe his ex-wife 18 months of alimony.According to an article in Asian Pop News, Chan has massive credit card debts and was driven out of the house by his girlfriend, Florinda Ho, the daughter of Macau's casino king, Stanley Ho.In 2011, Chan made headlines when he divorced his wife Ponny Yeung, who is 12 years older than him. He allegedly forked out HKD500,000 in separation fees to get his Yeung to sign the divorce papers. He also agreed to fork out a regular sum of alimoney monthly.But ever since he dated the heiress, Florinda Ho, he led a luxurious lifestyle and is often seen dining at high-class restaurants, vacationing at luxury beach resorts and buying branded goods. However, his over-spending has caught up with him.An insider revealed: "Joel always acted very generous; often treating Florinda to romantic dinners and lavishing her with branded gifts. He even accompanied Florinda aroung the world."Because of their disparity in financial status, an insider revealed that Joel treated Florinda like a queen and often followed her instructions. Joel is said to have also sacrificed his career for love.

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