Joel Chan returns to TVB -- minus Florinda Ho

16 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

With his relationship with Florinda Ho come to a conclusive end, Joel has said goodbye to the prospect of being casino king Stanley Ho's son-in-law.

In addition, dating Florinda has caused him to upset many TVB producers because of his frequent vacations with her, which affected filming schedules.

Despite his earlier rejecting a role in The Good and the Bad, he is now alleged to have begged TVB to take him back once more.

He is now scheduled to appear in the Super Trio Series as a guest star -- but with a big pay cut.

Virginia Lok, TVB's Production and Resource Director, has denied that his salary was cut, insisting that his contract is a new one with new terms.

Joel is said to be exercising hard for his comeback, and is much sought after by many TVB producers.

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