Joel Chan proposes to Stanley Ho's 'prettiest' daughter

2 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho have proven that true love is beyond money, age and all other aspects. Dating for only two years, the couple has already accepted each other as their life partners.According to The Daily Chilli, Hong Kong media reported that the TVB actor has successfully proposed to the socialite during a holiday to Portugal in August last year. "They held an engagement ceremony in Perth, Australia on 14th January," Face magazine wrote.An informer said the couple had kept their engagement private, as they didn't want unnecessary attention. The male version of a Cinderella story has been kept in the limelight since the couple admitted to their courtship in 2011, following the divorce of Joel and his ex-wife."They are planning to get married by October, if not, will be in January next year," the informer said, adding Florinda's father‘“casino tycoon Stanley Ho‘“has gifted a mansion worth HK$430 mil (S$68.3 million) to the girl as part of her dowry.Florinda, 24, is among three siblings of Stanley and his third wife Ina Chan. She is often touted as Stanley Ho's prettiest daughter but has denied news of her engagement to Joel, 37.The 'Ho's, who didn't approve of the Joel‘“Florinda relationship, have changed their mind as they found that the pair is a perfect match despite the differences in their background and age.

Hong Kong
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