Joel Chan demands 7-figure fee for advert -- but company says 'no thanks'

2 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Joel Chan was reportedly invited to be a spokesperson for a beauty and slimming company, Regen Medical Group, after his breakup with heiress Florinda Ho.According to an article in Asian Pop News, the collaboration with the company was nearly agreed upon -- until he asked for an exorbitant seven figure remuneration. According to the report, just before Joel made the proposal for his seven-figure paycheck, he also went missing for two weeks and did not follow up with the company. The period in which he went missing coincided with Florinda's return, which led to speculation that he was busy salvaging his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Due to his absence as well, the company went with another spokesperson. A representative for the company had commented that there was a "communication problem" and that "some details were not ironed out" leading to the collaboration being called off.

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