Joe Ma will do everything to protect Linda Chung

14 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Yesterday Joe Ma, Him Law, Mandy Wong and Matthew Ko were at TVB City shooting for an action scene for new series Tiger Cubs II. The scene was about terrorists invading the Special Duties Unit (SDU) base and the SDU members did everything they could to stop them. Matthew Ko incurred an injury and ends up on the ground.

Joe's wife complained earlier on Weibo that its a painful wait for her husband to come back from work and have dinner with her. Now that the series is wrapping up, Mrs. Ma is probably the happiest one, states an article on tvbnewsworld.

Joe said: "No worries, she knows filming series is difficult. The happiest should be me, I get to take a break after this. I'll be heading back to Mainland for a new drama at the end of the month. My earliest TVB series won't happen until mid next year."

He disclosed the next scene is about him rescuing Linda Chung. Reporters teased asking if Linda is the hot favorite for TV Queen this year. Joe joked: "We're talking about TV Queens that fast? Wish her the best, I think she will get it. Brother's Keeper hasn't aired yet and its already a bit hit. The momentum is strong. I will do everything I can to protect the TV Queen, I can sacrifice myself."

Him revealed he did the photo shoot for the TVB calendar earlier with Oscar Leung, Vincent Wong and Tracy Ip. The theme was swimwear. As for whether his body figure beats all the girls? Him said: "I'm not the main lead. Haven't measured my figure lately, I used to be more fit."

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