Joe Ma tears ligaments while protecting Linda Chung from explosion scene accident

2 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Joe Ma has torn his ligaments in his right hand after he and Tiger Cubs II co-star Linda Chung got into an acident while shooting an explosion scene.

The duo were sent to the hospital right after filming, and a MRI scan revealed that Joe suffered two torn ligaments in his right hand, reported Oriental Daily via TVB News World.

In fact, the doctors told him that if the third ligament in his hand got torn as well, it would have left him with a dislocated joint, and that he would have to undergo surgery to fix it.

In spite of his injury, he took to his Weibo account to assure his fans that he was fine, and that he was discharged from hospital.

Recounting the accident, Joe was quoted as saying in the report: "The moment after the explosion, I wasn't sure if it was because of the steam in the air, but I just naturally fell forward.

"I didn't want Linda Chung to get even more injuries, so I put all my weight on my shoulders and placed my two hands on the ground.

"That's how I got my injury!"

He added that he felt a lot of pain after the accident but thought the severity of his injury wouldn't be very serious.

Also, with that day being the last one on the filming calendar, Joe didn't want to delay the filming progress and finished up the scene after a quick break.

Joe also said that he had asked Linda if she was okay after the accident, and suggested she get a full check up to ensure there aren't any muscle or bone injuries.

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