Joanne Peh not worried about Qi Yuwu linked romantically to others

4 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Local actress Joanne Peh has hinted that marriage is on the cards for her and Qi Yuwu.

Although the couple's work commitments meant that they have to date 'long-distance', that has not stopped Qi from showering his girlfriend with love as he surprised her by sending a bouqet of flowers over to her, reported Shin Min Daily News.

When speaking about her relationship with Yuwu, Joanne revealed that both sets of parents have already met, and that getting married is something that will happen sooner or later.

Staying on this issue, Joanne added that she wished to settle down and have kids, and hope that things will fall into place piece by piece.

In fact, their love is so strong that she was not worried one bit when faced with speculation about Yuwu and Jeanette Aw, his co-star in The Dream Makers.

The duo were said by fans to be a couple due to their sparkling on-screen performance that exuded a lot of chemistry.

"I've seen the show as well, and it's expected that fans will love it when an on-screen performance between two co-stars can generate sparks like that.

"However, we have to differentiate what's reel and real. I don't have a problem with that," she said.

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