Joanne Peh dating Qi Yuwu a month after split with BF

8 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Television stars Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh have announced they are dating, scarcely a month after she said she had split up with DJ Bobby Tonelli.

The China-born star, 36, said he thought "maybe it's possible" with his frequent co-star, after they wrapped up drama C.L.I.F.2 and he realised she had ended her four-year relationship with Tonelli, 38.

"The energy I feel when I am with her is very special," Qi said.

"There's a trust between us.

She has always said the things I tell her make her think.

When you have this kind of communication and connection, what else do you need?"He said he went steady with Joanne, 29, only in "the past two weeks", but decided to go public with it because he "didn't want to sneak around".

Read the full story in The Straits Times.

View more photos of Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu and Bobby Tonelli in the gallery below.

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