Jo Kwon saved from gas poisoning by phone call

25 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Jo Kwon of 2AM received emergency treatment for acute gas poisoning on Sat (Mar 23), reports Korea Joongang Daily.The star was reportedly napping in his car before a taping of “MBC Show! Music Core‘ and awoke feeling ill, Star News reported. “He happened to be awakened by a telephone call and smelled gas, felt dizzy and had a headache,‘ a source said. “So he went to the emergency room.‘The gas came from a leaking fuel container attached to a portable heater in the car, the report said. Jo Kwon of 2AM reassured his fans that there is nothing wrong with his health after being sent to the hospital for gas poisoning.Soompi reported that on Mar 24 the singer took to his Twitter to tell everyone that he was doing fine. "I’m sorry to worry you. Thank you [for your concern]. I’m home resting now and I’ve gotten much better. I’m truly thankful to those who were worried about me. I’ll show you my healthy self soon."

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