JJ Lin's "date" with young girl a set-up?

18 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Two days ago, Taiwanese paparazzi was tipped that JJ Lin and his assistant had relationship problems, and both parties would be negotiating at a restaurant. When the reporters headed to the place, JJ and a young girl was spotted having a meal together.

According to Asian Pop News, JJ appeared to be low-key, wearing a black cap and a black shirt. The duo was speaking very softly and the reporters could not make out their conversation. After 20 minutes, JJ paid the bill and left the place, leaving the girl behind.

When JJ left the place, he was grilled on the identity of the girl, and if it was his assistant. He said, “She is only a friend who returned from overseas. She bought souvenirs for me and we were just having a meal.”

JJ also said that he was currently still single.

Shortly after, the girl wore a mask and tried to leave the place. When she spotted four reporters, she got nervous, and hurriedly went back to the restaurant. When asked on her relationship with JJ, the girl said nervously, “We are just friends.”

Subsequently, a male friend came and picked her up.

JJ’s recording label, Warner Music responded that the situation was exactly the same as what JJ had mentioned. JJ only left the place earlier, after discovering cameras flashing at him. He also felt being “set-up”.

Meanwhile, the girl accepted a phone interview and revealed that she was still an university student, who was 21-year-old. She had known JJ six months ago through a communication application.

When being probed on their relationship, the girl seemed to be hinting at something. She said, “I am trying to hide some things, so I won’t throw stones to hit my feet.”

The girl also admitted that she was unhappy as JJ had doubted if their dinner was a “set-up” by her. When asked if this incident would affect their relationship, she said, “I am not sure. I have to see how he respond.”

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