JJ Lin apparently ignores fan who waits 2 hours for a photo with him

22 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

An upset fan criticised JJ Lin for faking his friendliness after he was apparently snubbed by the star.

Ettoday via Asianpopnews reports that on June 18, JJ was having dinner with his family in Taipei when he was recognised by a fan while answering a call outside the restaurant.

The fan claimed JJ had ignored him and went back into the restaurant after he requested for a photo together.

After waiting for 2 hours for JJ to finish his dinner, the fan again approached JJ for a photo and was ignored a second time.

The disappointed fan said:

“I am sad. I thought he was friendly. I never thought that his friendliness at his autograph sessions was all fake. Jay Chou is even more approachable!

"I initially thought that at least I took a picture of his car, but I unexpectedly found out that he had parked his car illegally.”

Responding to the fan’s accusation, Warner Music said JJ was on the phone and did not realise the fan had requested for a photo with him. If he had heard the fan's request, he would definitely have taken a photo with him.

They added that JJ only parked illegally for a while before driving off. JJ has been known for being friendly to fans. At a Beijing event in 2012, JJ invited his fans for a meal together after discovering that they had been chasing after him the whole day. He is also known to accede to his fans’ requests for photo-taking.

JJ Lin
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