Jiro and Calvin's angry response to Aaron Yan saying they're "no longer friends"

26 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Fahrenheit fans were stunned at a recent revelation by Aaron Yan -- that he is no longer friends with his other band members Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.

Recently addressing the group's split and the members' relationship with each other, Aaron Yan admitted that he is "no longer friends" with Jiro and Calvin, he said that he couldn't "act anymore".

This, however, resulted in a hurt Calvin Chen and an angry Jiro Wang after hearing Aaron's words, reports Asian Pop News.

Two days ago, Jiro uploaded a picture of a topless man with the word 'Angry' on it.

The caption accompanying the photo was, "This is how I'm feeling now, angry!" 

He did not specify the source of his anger, but fans were quick to deduce that it had something to do with what Aaron Yan said.

Calvin Chen was also reportedly "hurt" by his former group mate's comment. He repeatedly asked reporters, "Really? Did he really say that we are no longer friends?" 

Calvin described the group's relationship as an "emotional revolution". He admitted that they were not the best of friends, but they were definitely best partners.

He also denied that Aaron was being "ostracised" by the group. "We were working all the time, how do we have time for such silly things?"

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