Jinny Ng angrily curses netizen online -- after he made crude joke about her mother

31 March 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Earlier, Jinny Ng’s (吳若希) mother had a severe accident while on her bicycle and is currently hospitalized. Although many fans and netizens left encouraging and empathetic messages on social media to support Jinny, one netizen in particular made a crude joke which made the 22-year-old star curse in anger.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, the netizen wrote, “Jinny’s mother must be sad that Young Charioteers <衝線> ended and took it upon herself to film a sequel.” Jinny, who did not find humor in the joke at the expense of her injured mother, Jinny angrily posted a photo of the netizen and blasted him on Facebook. While some supported her defending her family, others believed she acted impulsively and inappropriately and should apologize.

Last night, Jinny visited her mother at the hospital and was surrounded by reporters. When asked whether her choice of actions towards the netizen was thoughtless and rash, Jinny said, “I thought about it carefully before responding. Besides, I used words that were acceptable in TV series aired after 9:30 p.m.!” Jinny further added, “If I can’t even protect my family’s dignity, I don’t think I can survive in this industry!”

Although some felt that Jinny should apologize for cursing and for inappropriately handling the matter, Jinny expressed that she did not feel the need to apologize. “I don’t feel that it is necessary! Even if an apology was necessary, it wouldn’t be because I used curse words, but rather because I am a public figure and it would be a bad influence on young children!”

With tears in her eyes, Jinny heatedly expressed, “I want to say this one more time! Although I, Jinny Ng, is a public figure and a singer, it does not mean my family can be used as the target for fun and jokes! I will not let these types of situations happen.”

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