Jimmy Lin is member of super elite sports car club for 'rich brats'

16 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

You think life is fair? It has certainly been fair to Jimmy Lin (æž—å¿—ç©Ž).The singer and super successful businessman is being held up as the model representative of what is being called the “tall, rich and handsome‘ (高富帥) club reports Apple Daily and Sina Weibo.The 38-year-old is said to be one of just 10 members of the exclusive Hyper Auto Club (HAC), an evolved version of the Sports Car Club (SCC) for rich brats.While SCC members must possess assets over 100 million yuan ($20 million), HAC members are required to be worth at least 10 billion yuan ($2 billion) and must own even more expensive limited-version sports cars.So not only is Jimmy tall (about 1.7m) and kind of handsome (who could tell he is already 38 with his never-aging baby face?) ‘” he is most definitely ultra rich.Born into a successful family, Jimmy made his name as a singer at 17 and earned the nickname ‘Little Whirlwind.‘Aside from singing and acting, he is also a professional racing driver and operates businesses including IT, photo studios, Internet shopping, a car racing consultancy and restaurants.Oh, and if that is not enough, he is happily married to model Kelly Chen (陳若儀) and has become a proud father to three-year-old son Kimi Lin.So, who said life’s fair? Jimmy Lin, of course!

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