Jihyun's dig at Apple will make you LOL

30 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

What Apple gadget would be a sure-fire success among both women and men? Why figure-enhancing i-Padding of course.According to a report on Allkpop.com, 4minute‘˜s Jihyun drew laughter from the viewers on the latest broadcast of ‘˜SNL Korea‘˜ with her ’19+’ skit.Jihyun made the audience roar with laughter as soon as she stepped onto the set of the ‘˜Apple Industry‘˜ segment while Shin Dong Yup was talking about one of this faux-company’s hottest items ‘˜i-padding’, which is essentially a bra with lots (and lots) of padding.She boldly wore the ‘˜i-padding’, even placing her ‘˜choco-pie’ snack on top of her chest area. Jihyun then commented, “It’s part of my body so I wear it even when I sleep. Isn’t it Saturday today? I’m going to the club‘ and also showed off a sexy wave dance, adding to the laugh factor.Shin Dong Yup then suggested that she also try out their newest product ‘˜i-tel‘˜ [short for 'i-motel']. Jihyun at first didn’t think she had a need for it, but that all changed when Jay Park suddenly strolled into the screen.

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