Jessie J almost became handicapped after accident

2 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Jessie J almost lost the ability to walk when she broke her ankle.

The 'It's My Party' singer was left wheelchair bound after falling off stage during rehearsals for a performance in 2011 and while she's now able to perform, she still suffers pain from the injury.

She told The Sun newspaper: "That accident almost cost me the ability to walk.

"I've had a bone transplant, a fusion, a metal plate and four bolts put into my foot.

"I have a physio who travels around with me a lot of the time and it still causes me pain every day.

"I often have to have my foot popped back in as it pops off the bone.

"Plus it's pretty rare that I can wear high heels these days - mostly flats."

Jessie, 25, had to cancel some concerts and work commitments when she first injured her foot, but never wanting to let her fans down, bravely performed at some festivals with a medical boot.

However, Jessie did attract controversy when she had her first cast removed, when she said the ordeal had given her a "different respect" for people with missing limbs.

She said: "I'm back in the swing, getting my cast off after nine weeks of this awful Smurf shoe.

But it's put everything in perspective. I have a different respect now for people who don't have legs."

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