Jessica Hsuan having trouble losing weight -- and makes this shocking revelation

9 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: JayneStars

Away from Hong Kong television screens since 2011, Jessica Hsuan recently attended a public awareness event for hereditary cancer. As an ambassador for the cause, Jessica revealed that she maintains her health by consistently visiting the doctor for physical checkups.

“I check my ovaries once a year. This is a necessity. As for breasts, there is no need to do an exam every year. When [I was] younger, I had them checked once every three years. I get my upper body checked two to three times per year and my lower body checked once a year. But now, I will need to get checked more frequently, because I am getting older.”

The 44-year-old actress is cautious of her health. Many people remain unaware of illnesses that are invisible to the naked eye. Hoping to attend more events relating to female health, Jessica wants to promote greater public awareness. “Life experiences have made me learn that it is best to face things earlier rather than later.”

Not Opposed to Using Botox

Although Jessica appeared healthy and fit, she is having trouble losing weight due to her age. “Last year when I accepted a commercial for beauty endorsement, I was 117 pounds. But before, I was only around 108 pounds. I believe that if I persisted on exercising and dieting, I could go back to my old weight. But age restricts me from doing that. I would be too dehydrated. While I hope to lose some weight, health must come first.”

As the spokesperson for a beauty company, Jessica indicated that she does not rule out the possibility of using botox. “I don’t feel that I need it now, but never say never. Ten years from now, I am not sure. Right now, I have not thought about it. I think a facelift and spot treatment helps a lot. Just do what’s most comfortable for yourself. I will continue to exercise and maintain my facial beauty.”

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